Manufacturer Needs Assistance with Compliance Issues


An industrial and construction chemical manufacturer needed to meet updated federal regulations and had a short time frame in which to make adjustments to meet requirements.


As a result of updated security measures, the federal government changed requirements regarding storing chemicals in manufacturing facilities.

The government issued a notice to the customer to implement the required changes to the perimeter of their facility, as well as specific sensitive areas within it. The notice required that the customer rapidly make the required changes to meet the federal requirements and it included a short time frame to make adjustments to the non-conforming areas.

The chemical manufacturer immediately retained the services of a third-party company to manage the required facility upgrades. Shortly after finalizing the arrangement, the chemical manufacturer found that the representative they had worked with left the company, leaving them with just few weeks to complete all the required upgrades.


The customer restarted the bid process with three local companies they thought could meet the installation requirements. Within 18 hours of receiving the bid details, DH Pace responded with a plan for a double layered security system complete with eleven swinging gate doors, six sliding gate doors, requisite locking hardware and access control requirements. The first layer was the traditional mechanical/hardware solution, and the second layer was an interconnected motion detection solution within the protected area.

Because of DH Pace’s decisive and swift response, as well as our ability to be a single-service provider for all products and services, the customer selected to work with us.


DH Pace teams set to work and completed the project in record time. From the time the customer reached out for a bid, the Company sourced the materials, installed them, tied everything into a double-layered security system to monitor the newly-secured areas. The project was completed one week ahead of schedule and under budget!

As a result, the facility upgrades passed inspection, the chemical manufacturer avoided costly fines and they have chosen to work with DH Pace on additional projects. After demonstrating an unparalleled level of expertise, the Company is building a national relationship with the chemical manufacturer.


“Josh is one heck of tech! Austin as well! There is no secret here, these guys are saving the day. Thanks for all the great support your teams have been providing for on-time delivery! You should be very proud and thankful for the consistency that your operation exhibits between what your sales guys sell, your PM’s schedule, and your techs deliver. A group I would gladly partner with in the future, recommend, and invest in.”
– Basman, Senior Engineering Manager