Distributor Saves Costs with Dedicated Warehouse Entry

Category: Entry Doors
Products: Hollow Metal Door and Frame
Industry: Distribution
Application: Dock and Warehouse Entrance


A forms distributor wanted to provide a way for distribution truck drivers to enter their building without going through the office space.


The forms distributor was located in an industrial park and constantly had trucks arriving and departing their facility. The business next door had reconfigured a loading dock with steps and an entry door where truck drivers could enter the warehouse area directly. The forms distributor wanted the same setup, but they also wanted the option to return the area to a functioning dock if need be in the future.


To start the warehouse entry, DH Pace first raised the dock door and secured it in the open position. Then they framed the opening with plywood and 2-by-4-inch material. Next the installation team installed a hollow metal door and frame. Finally, they secured the dock’s pit leveler in the stored position and installed the entry steps.

DH Pace did not permanently alter the dock door or dock leveler functionally so that the distributor could revert the dock position back to a dock door.


With the new warehouse entrance, truck drivers no longer have to travel through the office areas to get to the warehouse. The new entry lessened the amount of traffic through the office and unintentional interruptions. The distributor also gained better control over maintaining the office’s temperature and reduced grime build up.